Dave @ Review.casaWelcome to Review.Casa

I’m Dave and I’ve been building websites for just over 15 years. I retired there for a little while and had a go at being a landlord and professional bum but I didn’t enjoy it so here I am building websites again. If you would like me to build you a website you can browse my custom website build or rapid website build pages.

This is the home of my honest user reviews!

Yes, honest and I have used the software, books and tech that I review unlike most of the internet today that just throws reviews together based on other reviews and information gathered from the web!

Looking around the internet I become quite peeved (it’s a new word for me I got it off Tony Robbins, it’s more family-friendly than terms I’ve used in the past 🙂 ) at the alarming growth of really bad reviews out there that were written by people who had not used the stuff they were reviewing so decided to have a go myself.

We also have the rise of AI to generate content lol.

With these laughable AI-generated reviews you can tell that a human was not involved in the creation of the content as it rambles on and repeats itself over and over. It’s alarming to me that the search engines rank this sort of content but hey ho that’s life, unfortunately.

So this is my take on a review site where honesty rules and an actual user (that’s me) does the writing.

It’s still early days for Review.casa bear with me while I get it together.

Here are a couple of reviews I think you might like to get you started:

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