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Why quiz your visitors with quizzes

Quizzes aren’t just for school!

Quizzing your websites visitors is a great way of finding out what people want from your website and to give them exactly what they want. And the next step you can get them to go where you want them after the quiz if they’re ready.

It’s a fantastic way to get information about people and then use that information to direct someone to the right offer for them or to put them on different lists (segmentation) based on responses they have given you.

Quizzes can increase your conversions and a quick scout of the internet will uncover many websites using a quiz. Niel Patel, Todd Brown and Clickfunnels are just a few that come to mind.

Todd Brown quiz

You can see by the quiz above that Todd Brown uses it to direct people to different offers on his website.

If you create your own quiz it can give you some incredible marketing intelligence like the one shown above this will tell Todd exactly what his visitors want from him.

Question people with a quiz and get a report

Before you choose a quiz builder you need to make sure that the information you gain from your quiz is then usable so look out for a quiz building solution that stores the data and presents it back to you in some kind of report.

When you make your own quiz you need to be able to track the results even if it’s just a simple quiz like the quiz above you need stats to be able to use quizzes effectively. Smart people have been using quizzes for years to control their visitors and direct them where they want.

Your quiz’s questions should give you a multiple-choice report so you can define the results.

Ask quiz questions to find your visitors personality

When you use quizzes it enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the people coming to your website or those on your list. The one thing I’ve learnt online is to never make assumptions about anything. You might think you know but until you test you don’t.

Your quiz can be a powerful marketing tool enabling you to test and question the very people you are called to serve.

They clever thing about a test is that people are more likely to give you valuable insights when not speaking to you face to face.

Make a quiz with simple multiple choice questions to provide the answer

Making your own quiz should be easy and with the tools below it is. You don’t need to hire a developer to gain a deep understanding of your crowd today.

The tools below will allow you to create a custom quiz in as little as 5 minutes and your quiz will give you some valuable insights.

Think of the possabilities open to you with your quiz what information would be valuable to you if you could question your visitors. Quizzes can provide valuable information you just can’t get any other way.

A quiz can shape the future of your marketing choices

The right question in a smart quiz could help you create the perfect product for your audience as they will literally tell you exactly what they want.

It’s the perfect way to add the features your customers want instead of the ones you think they need and can save you time and money in development and shorten your product creation cycle.

Create a smart quiz today! Add to your market knowledge and turn your customers needs and wants into more profit.

5 pieces of software that allow you to create a smart quiz

Thrive Quiz Builder is the most advanced quiz creator

Thrive quiz builder has to be the most advanced solution on this list. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin based solution then Thrive quiz builder is probably perfect for you. It’s versatile and easy to setup and use and as a bonus it comes with quiz templates. Create a lead generation quiz with Thrive is simple to do and it integrates with tools you probably already use.

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Jotform is an online form building platform that can be used to create much more than just surveys.

I’m a big fan of Jotform.

You can create forms, polls and surveys and it’s the most intuitive of the platforms I’ve tried.

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Typeform is a SAAS based form building platform that offers surveys, polls and an online quiz creator as well. Making your quiz with Typeform shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. If you are looking for an online platform to create forms and store your data to keep it safe then Typeform could be for you.

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Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is one of the oldest form building plugins for WordPress. It’s an extremely powerful solution for collecting and storing data. On the top license, you can use quizzes, surveys and polls.

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Formidable forms

Formidable Forms is a form building plugin for WordPress very similar to gravity forms. Formidable has a few features that gravity forms don’t have like landing pages, reviews and comments. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that builds forms, has quiz functions, surveys and so much more then Formidable forms could be the solution for you.

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Builderall is a funnel building and marketing automation platform which has so many features it’s ridiculous! Part of their feature set is create quizzes, polls and surveys on the premium plan. If you are looking for a platform that does pretty much everything then Builderall could be the solution for you.

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Test your customers with a quiz

A quiz will help you gain a deeper understanding and marketing intelligence on what your visitors need and want from your website which will enable you to give them more of it.

If you haven’t used a quiz on your website maybe it’s time to start.

Fun fact for you the trivia online quiz is one of the most shared items on the internet.