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What is scarcity marketing?

Scarcity marketing works amazingly well!

Any time you can reasonably limit something the fear of missing out (FOMO) kicks in and makes it infinitely more attractive to the human mind. The easiest way to add FOMO and sell more product is to make time an issue with a countdown timer.

I was first introduced to scarcity marketing through the guys over at noble samurai.

They used to have a WordPress plugin called scarcity samurai which would allow you to add FOMO to your WordPress pages. The plugin was amazing until it was discontinued because WordPress is always evolving.

What are WordPress scarcity plugins?

WordPress scarcity plugins allow you to add fear of missing out to your website in the form of a simple plugin. Some of these plugins are more complex than others but most will add a countdown timer with various features like evergreen campaigns, hurrytimer and redirects.

The simplest form of FOMO plugin will add a countdown timer to your website.

2 popular scarcity plugins for WordPress

Here are 2 WordPress plugins to add FOMO to your website.

Divi Timer Pro – A scarcity WordPress plugin for Divi

Divi Timer Pro is the missing link to the Divi themes standard countdown timer module.

It creates a new countdown timer module and adds a suite of FOMO marketing features to your Divi based website like evergreen campaigns with a countdown timer.

It’s a great tool allowing you to add auto-restart, fixed campaigns and evergreen campaigns to increase your conversions. You can also use it in the Divi page builder and a WooCommerce page too.

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Thrive ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is a scarcity plugin for WordPress so you can easily add scarcity-based marketing to your Thrive Architect based website.

It has features similar to the plugin above and among the plugins popular items are templates, evergreen campaigns, countdown timer, multi-page campaigns, analytics, hello bars, trigger campaigns from opt-ins and trigger campaigns from email links.

Ultimatum is the more powerful tool but can only be used with Thrive Architect so you can’t use it with miscellaneous WordPress themes.

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Use a WordPress plugin for your scarcity today

Using a countdown timer plugin on your website is an easy way to add a FOMO campaign to your landing page or product page.

You can add FOMO to lead generation forms, a product page or your whole website.

Time and product number are the easiest FOMO elements you can manipulate with a plugin. Isn’t it time you increase your conversions with FOMO marketing.