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What is online shopping cart abandonment?

Cart abandonment is where your someone visits your eCommerce store and initiates the checkout process, inputs their data into your shopping cart and then leaves your site. So they may enter their email address into the shopping cart and then close the page. The fact that they have initiated the checkout process gives you options on how to rescue the purchase which I cover below.

It’s one problem that affects every eCommerce store online, it’s just a fact of life that shoppers abandon carts and it’s one area that can dramatically increase your sales if you act on it.

If you are not using any sort of shopping cart abandonment system then you are leaving a substantial amount of money on the table.

If you look at the abandonment shopping cart stats below you will see what I mean.

Cart abandonment stats for the average shopping cart on an eCommerce store

According to Marketing Sherpa, experts in the eCommerce field have shown checkout cart abandonment rates of between 20% and 30% back in 2006 which you can see here.

Baymard Institute calculated the average shopping cart abandonment with 46 studies that they found online going back 15 years. They found that the average Cart abandonment was 69.82%.

You can see their page here.

With the average shopping cart abandonment rate of around 70%, you must try to recover some of that lost revenue.

If an expert’s shopping cart abandonment is 30% and the average is 70% then you are losing out on a lot of revenue! I bet you don’t have any form of split testing or conversion rate optimisation. As a web designer I’ve worked on small business clients websites from all over the world and not a single one even knew it was an option!

How to reduce abandonment of your cart

Below are a few tips on how to reduce your cart abandonment stats.

Split testing to reduce your shopping cart abandonment

Split testing is the process of testing two variations of the same page to see which one converts better. Incremental increases to the conversion rate of your eCommerce site over time can lead to dramtic increases in sales from the checkout process.

It’s become easier to split test pages over the years with many online platforms now incorporating ways to test the eCommerce pages on like the checkout, landing pages and store pages.

Make an irresistible offer so shoppers abandon carts less

Your main goal as an eCommerce seller is to come up with a product that sells itself, this is called an irresistible offer.

If you boost the perceived value of your product by offering bonuses you will have a lower shopping cart abandonment rate.

Make sure the real world value of your bonuses outweigh the price of your product and you will reduce the amount of customers who abandoned your checkout process.

Cart abandonment emails

Cart abandonment emails are one of the easiest systems you can put in place for cart abandonment recovery and reduce your abandoned statistics.

When someone inserts their email address into your shopping cart you can send them a sequence of emails that can rescue the purchase.

It’s very simple process to do with most modern shopping carts today. There is even free plugins if use WooCommerce. 

Offer free delivery and returns

Zappos is an online shoe retailer that was launched in 1999 by Tim Swinmum. At one point the online retailer was going bankrupt fast!

They called in a consultant who recommended they offer free shipping and free returns.

In 2009 Zappos was bought by Amazon in a deal reported to be worth $1.2 billion.

Add a security seal to your checkout process

I’ve seen research online that points to 1 in 5 people who abandon a checkout process because they didn’t trust the site with their credit card details. You can see it here.

This means that if you add recognisable trust seals to your online checkout process you could stop up to 1 in 5 people abandoning your shopping cart.

Add money-back guarantee to your website

Adding a money-back guarantee to your website is a guaranteed way to increase your conversion rate!

Don’t believe me what if I told you the biggest pizza delivery company on the planet was going under before they started using a money-back guarantee.

That’s right Dominos pizza grew into the monster corporation it is today by offering a money-back guarantee.

Retarget people who abandoned your cart

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that you can use to display ads to people who abandoned your cart or checkout process.

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 shoppers will notice a retargeting ad and 1 out of 4 will click.

Use hot streaks in your checkout process

You can increase your conversion rate by upto 53% by adding social proof or hot streaks to your checkout process.

Now I’m not saying this will decrease your cart abandonment shopping by 53%!

I’m saying that going by the evidence it can reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate.

9 software applications that have cart abandonment solutions

Here are 9 software applications that have abandoned cart features.

Thrivecart – my personal choice to reduce cart abandonment

Thrivecart is an eCommerce platform that allows you to build a high converting checkout process and sell your products worldwide. Thrivecart has cart abandonment features that let you fire over the visitor’s details to your email service provider to enable you to start a campaign to rescue the sale.

I would rank Thrivecart as my number one choice for anyone selling digital products and lower their cart abandonment rate.

It’s a great software platform if you want to capture your online shoppers details when they enter them in your cart and rescue the checkout it might be just what you’re looking for.

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Keap (formally infusionsoft)

Keap is probably the oldest advanced marketing platform on this list. It was the platform all the top marketers used to use because it was the first to incorporate behaviour based actions.

Part of those behaviour based actions is shopping cart abandonment. If you are looking to reduce abandonment in your eCommerce business then Keap could be the platform for you.

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Kartra is an all in one marketing platform set up by the late Andy Jenkins. It has cart abandonment in its feature set.

The only thing I don’t like about kartra is the price is based on the number of people you have on your list.

If you are looking for a platform to run your business and automate a lot of it then Kartra could be for you.

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Click funnels

Clickfunnels was first marketed as just a funnel building and product delivery platform, it’s always had advanced features like shopping cart abandonment.

If you are looking to rescue more sales in your checkout then Clickfunnels could be the platform you are looking for.

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Pabbly connect is a component of the Pabbly platform it acts as a replacement to zappier.

Which means it connects services together like your website and email service provider.

Perfect for setting up cart abandonment in your business.

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Builderall is a new all in one marketing platform with an impressive feature set that includes shopping abandoned cart features.

It’s a platform with very reasonable pricing considering other platforms in this sector.

If you’re looking to reduce cart abandonment then Builderall could be the platform you’re searching for.

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Woofunnels is a Woocommerce addon that allows you to build and optimize your Woocommerce checkouts.

1 of the features to help you achieve this is shopping cart abandonment to help you reduce your cart abandonment rate.

If you are using Woocommerce then Woofunnels could be the plugin you are looking for.


Samcart is an online shopping cart and product delivery platform similar to Thrivecart. It allows anyone to set up eCommerce so visitors to your site can do online shopping and make a purchase.

Cart abandonment features are only available on their most expensive membership level though but it’s still a great platform if you are looking to sell anything online.

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Create Sell Online Courses Coaching With Kajabi
Kajabi is another all in one marketing and product delivery platform that’s been around for a long time.

As with most all in ones it has cart abandonment features baked in so you can earn more money from your existing visitors.

It could be just the platform you are looking for to increase revenue through reduced shopping cart abandonment.

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Groove funnels

Groove CRM
Groovefunnels is an all in one marketing platform from Mike Filsaime which has cart abandonment features baked in.

If you are looking to rescue the sale in your checkout process and cut down on shopping cart abandonment then groovefunnels could be the platform you are looking for.

Read the full review to find out why I think this software shouldn’t be sold yet.

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Which abandoned cart solution is right for your online eCommerce checkout

This is a huge decision for any business owner and you will have to look at the benefits and features you are looking to provide yourself and your customers so you can get the most out of whichever shopping cart product you choose.

My first recommendation to reduce your statistics is that you choose a checkout platform that is simple to use as most of these types of software are very complex and can lead to a sense of overwhelm. If you are looking for your customers to purchase more from your eCommerce site then choose a streamlined platform as these tend to lower your shopping cart abandonment rate, features are added quicker and they generally fix bugs quicker.

I use Thrivecart for my eCommerce shopping cart. It’s a platform under constant improvement and I’ve found that it has reduced my abandonment rate and increased my profits from existing customers since I since I started using it in my eCommerce business. I highly recommend it as a fantastic cart abandonment product.