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Introduction – What is Groove Funnels?

Groove Funnels is a website and funnel building SAAS offering. It allows people to build websites and funnels without learning to code (although you will need some technical knowledge to get a custom domain set up) and is touted as the Clickfunnels killer.

Groovefunnels is a platform owned by Mike Filsaime.

Mike Filsaime has a background in developing software platforms like DealGuardian, Paydotcom, Kartra, WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

That being said Groovefunnels was built on other people’s software (I won’t go into which software and solutions were used) Mike just had the money to gobble up the software and the teams behind them to help him create Groovefunnels.

Groovefunnels was created to go after a slice of the big juicy pie Clickfunnels had been baking up for a while.

It has a free tier and a paid tier and if you are a small business the free plan will probably do you.

Groove CRM

Summary – Who is Groove Funnels not for?

If you don’t have time for a learning curve then Groovefunnels is not for you.

If you don’t have money for the expensive monthly fee spare every month then Groovefunnels is not for you.

If you get frustrated with bugs and fundamentally broken software Groovefunnels is not for you.

Summary – Who is Groove Funnels for?

Groovefunnels is for you if you want to build a website and have the time to learn how to use the software (I’m a web designer with over 15 years of experience building websites and building a page with the page builder from scratch was an absolute mission) or need something similar to one of the free templates (there are 13).

Groovefunnels is for you if you want to be an affiliate for Groove and earn cash from the massive buzz that Mike Filsaime can generate.

The Cons of Groove Funnels

  • Custom domains for the free account do not work.
  • The templates are a bit crap! (From what I’ve seen the best ones are the free barber’s shop or Instagram agency pages).
  • Page builder comes with a big learning curve.
  • Transaction fees.
  • Errors with GrooveWebinar (see below. Aside from it being a glorified video player and not a webinar platform).

The Pros of Groove Funnels

Groove Funnels improvements

I’ve been a free member of Groovefunnels for months and I have seen ZERO improvements to the software and no bug fixes either.

Groove Funnels pricing

Groovefunnels has a free tier that limits you to three websites, one custom domain (which doesn’t work), twenty-five pages, five videos.

Groovefunnels’ “platinum package” was a lifetime deal product that turned the free tier into an unlimited version but they have just changed their pricing to be $299 a month.

To me, this pricing change is a bit extreme when you consider I think the software should still be in beta and the other offerings in this arena.

Also if you use Groovekart there are transaction fees of 4.95% + 30c for the free account and 2.85% and 25c for the platinum version of the software.

My experience with Groove Funnels

Groove apps

Even the homepage has 17 apps listed as being a part of the system but 7 of them are coming soon (the ones with a red line under them) and GrooveWebinar doesn’t work (see below).

So having messed about with Groove Funnels on a free account after it was touted that it was a Clickfunnels killer I can say that I think the software would probably be OK but it’s got some terrible flaws and is being marketed as something it’s not.

You find the simplest things like having a subdomain on the Groovefunnels website are for premium members only and to set up your domain (no subdomains here it has to be a fully qualified domain and for free users, this is broken, I’m still waiting for one to resolve a week after I set it up).

Groovefunnels has a lot of features but the free tier is extremely limited which I understand as they are running a business the same as everyone else.

Now if we compare Groove funnels to Clickfunnels then sorry Mike you have a long way to go to topple Clickfunnels.

But it’s still early days for Groove Funnels!

I hold my hands up that I have not bought and tried the premium version and have no intention of doing so after using the free version and finding it fundamentally broken (unless you are a premium member).

I can give you my opinion on the free version. I don’t plan on getting the premium version after seeing what the free version has in store.

With it just coming out of beta I think it should have had a couple more years in development before they tried selling it especially when you consider the other platforms they are up against in the all in one marketing field.

Custom domains (broken)

groovefunnels nameservers set2

With a custom domain, Groove gives you nameservers to add to your domain.

So to use Groovefunnels as a free member you need to set up a custom domain as Groovefunnels don’t give free members a subdomain.

I set these up over a week ago and all I get is “This site can’t be reached” so I feel that everything to do with the free account is broken to force people to upgrade to the premium account.

groovefunnels nameservers set in namecheap

Nameservers are set up in Namecheap

So I can’t move forward unless I upgrade even after setting up a website template to use for a website.

I really can’t believe that there are over half a million users as stated on the Groovefunnels website and nobody has told them about the glaring fact nothing works.

Yet the last few months the marketing has been ramped up and they are making a huge push to sell sell sell.

GrooveWebinar (broken)


As you can see from the image you can do automated webinars the other options are coming soon.

Then we progress to the next stage of the webinar creation process where we fill out the details of our webinar and upload an image.

Groovewebinar upload image

The image upload process first step.

This process of uploading an image is not intuitive you have to upload it and then confirm that you are uploading it making the process more difficult than it needs to be.

Being in Webdesign for over 15 years this really peeves me as any UI designer worth their salt would have eliminated this extra step.

Groovewebinar confirm upload

Confirm your upload on step 2.

So after we upload our image for use we are onto the next step of uploading our video.

Groovewebinar upload video upgrade account

It gets a bit tedious being upsold at every opportunity.

So because we have a free account we are hit with the upgrade upsell when trying to upload a video so I select “No thanks” as shown in the image above to connect Amazon s3 and I’m greeted with a blank screen as shown in the image below.

Groovewebinar connect s3 blank page

Trying to connect Amazon s3 leads to a blank screen.

Having carried on writing this review I can tell you over time (20 minutes so far) that this blank screen doesn’t get any less blank.

I uploaded a short video below (it’s only 40  seconds long and has no sound but you get the idea).

So what now well that’s it for GrooveWebinar a glorified video player that doesn’t work unless you upgrade to the “platinum version”.

Um no thanks!

There’s also a funky thing that goes on with the menu! I uploaded a short video below (it’s only 24 seconds long and has no sound but you get the idea).

GrooveVideo (broken)

Groovevideo Dashboard

The GrooveVideo dashboard where nothing works! The red crosses are buttons that don’t work.

When I got to the GrooveVideo dashboard I found some issues which only highlight my suspicions that Groovefunnels should have spent more time in the development stage before being sold to the public.

You can see the video below (it’s only 23 seconds long and has no sound but you get the idea).

Conclusion – GrooveFunnels review

The software is broken!

It lacks polish, and bugs have been present for longer than they should be.

I would be seriously upset if I had dropped between 1500 and 2000 dollars to get lifetime access to this software.

I think that it has been rushed to market and should have spent more time in development before they released it.

I can’t recommend it at $299 a month I believe there are far better options out there.

It has plenty of scope for improvement when you compare it to the more established platforms on the market today.

That being said it is more than capable of replacing many other SAAS based services you may use right now if you choose the premium package.

If you are new to online marketing then the free training offered by Groove Funnels means it’s probably a perfect fit for you.

The experience the founders have with this type of marketing would benefit somebody with little experience in this area but the number of features could quickly lead to overwhelm.

And if you have a spare $299 a month, it could be the solution you are looking for.


Is GrooveFunnels better than Clickfunnels?

No chance if you look at my review Clickfunnels works and Groovefunnels is fundamentally broken. Groovefunnels can not compete against software that works.

Is GrooveFunnels free?

There is a free tier on Groovefunnels but it is so limited and broken that it’s not worth it. If you read my review you will find out why it’s not worth wasting your time.

Are groove funnels good?

No Groovefunnels is broken if you are on the free tier, if you read my review it seems like everything is geared to make you upgrade.

Are groove pages worth it?

No, there is much better software on the market. Read my review to find out more.



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