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Introduction – What is Kajabi?

Kajabi has been around since 2010 and is marketed as an all in one marketing platform to help you build websites, landing pages, funnels (called pipelines) accept payments, online course creation, email newsletters and membership sites to name a few.

It being one of the older contenders in the market should make Kajabi a pretty evolved platform worthy of your marketing dollars but is it?

Create Sell Online Courses Coaching With Kajabi

The Kajabi website states over 50000 entrepreneurs already use the system.

Summary – Who is Kajabi not for?

If you deal with peoples health and need HIPAA compliance then Kajabi is NOT for you as if you set up a coaching program their website states:

“Kajabi is not, and has no plans to be, HIPAA compliant. You may not collect, store, or process any personal health information whatsoever. Violation will result in account termination, and possible fines and other consequences.”

So if you deal with peoples health then using Kajabi could end up getting you into a hot legal mess pretty quickly.

Summary – Who is Kajabi for?

Kajabi is for anyone who wants a platform to run and automate an online business through one platform. If you are looking to sell products and online courses you can join the other 50000+ entrepreneurs who already use the system.

The Cons of Kajabi

  • Expensive (the lowest subscription is $149 a month to use it on only one website)
  • Price is tied to the number of people you have on your list.
  • Even the $199 a month package can only be used on 1 website.
  • No embed codes if you use a video hosting platform like Vadoo.tv.

The Pros of Kajabi

Kajabi Price

Kajabi is expensive!

The basic plan will set you back $149 a month and is limited to 1 website (domain), 3 products and 3 pipelines (funnels).

The growth plan costs $199 a month and is limited to 1 website (domain), 15 products and 15 pipelines (funnels).

The pro plan costs $399 a month and is limited to 2 websites (domains), .

Kajabi pricing comes with some severe limitations for what you pay for in my opinion.

As if the limitations on the lower subcription tiers weren’t enough Kajabi is also tied to the number of subscribers you have!

So if you have a good run on getting users into your program it’s not hard for you to jump up to another subscription level.

Kajabi Pricing

My experience with Kajabi

I was expecting so much more from Kajabi and was left disappointed. In an arena where there is so many really good alternatives you can’t help but think that Kajabi has dropped the ball.

I signed up to the Kajabi challenge which gave me 45 days to try the software for free.

On first logging into the platform I was greeted with a notice that said “file uploading is not available at this time” so I had to wait to get my own designs set up.

On first logging in to Kajabi they have a step by step setup process but it just leads to confusion as it bounces you about to different parts of the website and then leaves you hanging.

Not a good start! But I did mess about with the landing page builder and its basic but works (really annoying that you need to save the page to see your selected option take effect).

The landing page templates and website templates on offer are a bit naff. To me it feels like the platform is in need of a time machine to get it out of the 90s.

Then its either just me or there is no way to go back once you preview your site.

That being said creating your own landing pages shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes.

The first squeeze page I edited in Kajabi (the upload images function wasn’t working the first time around)

So connecting to a payment processor you have the options of Stripe or PayPal.

I tried to connect my stripe account and I was told it was already connected to Kajabi so I couldn’t connect it to the site (pain in the bum as at no point in the past have I signed up to Kajabi!)

So PayPal it is!

Having been in Kajabi membership areas before I can tell you from a user’s point of view they are good well planned Learning portals.

But what are they like on the admin end?

Inside Kajabi

Very simple you can’t go wrong!

You select from their pre-configured templates and the software will create the needed pages for you. So it only takes a minute to get to the point shown in the image below with a course structure set out for you.

Kajabi admin products test mini course

Only takes a minute to set up your course structure in Kajabi

Kajabi admin products test mini course edit lesson

The lesson edit screen is pretty self explanatory and easy to use but I found video uploading to be painfully slow!

As you would expect from a platform this expensive they will host your videos so I tested it with a one and a half minute 33mb video to see, but the uploader is painful to watch when you know you are on a fibre internet connection (I couldn’t imagine how long it would take to upload a one gb video to kajabi, I would rather pull my eyes out with a rusty spoon to be honest).

As you can tell at this point I’ve lost all faith that Kajabi will be able to redeem itself!

If you view the source code of the page in the text editor you can add embed codes from a different video hosting platform like Vadoo.tv (it works I tested it) but why should you have to!

Maybe I’m being a spoiled little brat because I’ve been using Vadoo.tv to embed my videos into my learning portals since 2020 (their uploader is seriously quick).

Conclusion – Kajabi review

As it’s touted for anyone but it’s confusing! The user interface is stuck in the 90s!

For a platform like this at such a price I was expecting a whole lot more.

I would at least expect a good drag and drop page builder where the updates happen in real time without having to press save all the time.

I really can’t tell you that you should use this software as I wouldn’t myself.

I played about with it for a couple of hours and it really isn’t for me.

It’s clunky software with a rubbish UI charging up to $400 a month!

I have removed any links to the Kajabi website as there is no way I can recommend this software to anyone.

It’s rubbish to be fair to Kajabi after I got to the course editing and video uploading I just couldn’t carry on.

Having used hundreds of bits of software over the years there are so many better and cheaper software platforms of this type out there you can get a much better platform and save money in the process.




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ThriveCart is a SAAS based shopping cart that has most of the same features as Kajabi.

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What is the purpose of Kajabi?

Kajabi is a platform for selling products and services online. It allows you to create courses and sell access to those courses.

What is better than Kajabi?

After using Kajabi I would have to say that the better question is what isn’t better than Kajabi. I’ve used software platforms like this for the last 10 years and I have to say Kajabi is one of the worst I’ve tried.

How many courses can you host on Kajabi?

On the basic plan, you can have 3 courses and 1000 active members and on the most expensive plan, you can have 100 courses and 20000 active members.

What is the difference between ClickFunnels and Kajabi?

The difference between Clickfunnels and Kajabi is Clickfunnels is primarily a funnel building platform and Kajabi is an all in one marketing suite of tools.

Is Kajabi university free?

No, as you can only access Kajabi university when you have an active subscription to the Kajabi platform.

Can you build a funnel with Kajabi?

Yes, Kajabi has tools to enable you to build funnels. On Kajabi they are called pipelines you can build landing pages, webinars and follow up email marketing sequences.

How long is Kajabi's free trial?

The Kajabi website states they offer a 14-day free trial but sometimes they run ads for 30 day free trials and special events. I tried their idea to income challenge and got a 45-day free trial.

Are Kajabi websites good?

From my experience no Kajabi websites are ok but nothing to write home about.

Is Kajabi a CRM?

No, Kajabi is an all in one marketing platform that helps you build landing pages and funnels.