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Introduction – What is Otter AI?

Otter AI is a transcription app and service so that you can speak into your phone and it will record what you say and then transcribe it for you.

Otter AI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to transcribe your voice and turn it into text.

With Otter, you can upload videos or audio and have it transcribed automatically turning it into text. Otter can also transcribe meetings on Google meet and zoom automatically and caption them as well.

Otter ai Voice Meeting Notes Real time Transcription

Summary – Who is Otter not for?

Otter is not for purist writers who love to write the old fashioned way or who live in a noisy environment.

Otter is not for anyone who doesn’t like to edit transcriptions after the fact (although it is minimal).

If you can’t wrap your head around technology then otter is probably not a solution that you’ll be interested in.

Summary – Who is Otter for?

Otter is for anybody who doesn’t like writing and wants to have their speech transcribed into blog posts or manuscripts.

If you have a lot of speeches or videos that you have lying around, and you’ve been meaning to write up or transcribe, then it is definitely something you will be interested in.

The pros and cons of Otter

The cons

  • Otter is good but not perfect you will still have to do some editing and that’s just something you will have to learn to live with.
  • If you’re a writer Otter will take some getting used to.
  • The app is a bit glitchy if your internet connection is not rock solid.

The pros

  • You can upload videos and audios and get transcripts
  • It will speed up your writing
  • It will connect to Google meet and Zoom
  • The transcriptions are very quick
  • The accuracy is better than most transcription services
  • Quality transcripts with AI


  • Home Feed and Calendar (March 2022)
  • Meeting Gems™ for Key Takeaways (March 2022)
  • One-Click Screen Captures (March 2022)
  • Automatic Outline for a Quick Meeting Summary (March 2022)
  • Otter Weekly Insights (Feb 2022)
  • Otter Assistant for Pro Users (Jan 2022)
  • Chrome Extension for Google Meet and Google Calendar (Sept 2021)
  • Otter Assistant for Microsoft Teams (Aug 2021)
  • Otter Assistant for Google Meet (Aug 2021)
  • Otter Assistant for Zoom (May 2021)
  • Live transcribe Zoom Webinars (Aug 2020)
  • Live transcribe Zoom (April 2020)
  • Live transcribe Zoom meetings (April 2020)
  • Comments (Dec 2019)
  • Custom Vocabulary to Boost Accuracy (Nov 2019)
  • Microsoft Word (DOCX) Export and SRT with Automatic Line Breaks (Oct 2019)
  • Transcribe Zoom recordings automatically (Aug 2019)


Otter comes with four plans:

The free plan comes with 600 minutes, a max transcription duration of 30 minutes and import three files.

The pro plan is $12.99 per month and comes with 6000 minutes of transcription quota, four hours max transcription duration and unlimited import of files.

The business plan is $30 per month per team member and comes with 6000 minutes of transcription quota, four hours max transcription duration and unlimited input of files.

For the enterprise plan, you need to contact support and is for a minimum of 100 users.

You save 36% on any plan when you pay yearly.

My experience with Otter

I signed up for otter today and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised compared to other transcription services, otter is head and shoulders above the rest.

Most transcription services are absolute junk.

You spend hours editing and going through again and again where otter is totally different. Just speak into your phone and it transcribes as it goes.

Me being a two-finger typist most blog posts take me hours to write. Whereas this blog post, written by otter has taken me a couple of hours.

Most of the transcription is accurate. And you see as it goes while you’re speaking into your phone, so you know when it’s gone wrong.

Using Otter

You can use Otter via the website or the app below I’m going to show you how to use it via the website.

All I do is I hit record on my phone in the app and I talk into my phone and then when I stop talking I press stop and it gets transcribed onto the website.

So I only really use one part of the website and that is the Conversations tab.


Otter Voice Meeting Notes Otter

The website dashboard is shown in the image above.

As I only use otter for transcriptions, my use case is really simple. I don’t really use the integrations with Zoom, or Google meet.

The my conversations tab is shown in the image below.

My conversations Otter AI

Conclusion – Otter review

Would I recommend otter?


Wholeheartedly yes.

I’ve tried a lot of text to speech applications in the past, and none of them compares to Otter. Transcription services tend to be a bit rubbish, especially transcription services that are automated but the Otter transcription service is better than some cheap human-powered transcription services I’ve tried in the past.

If you want to dramatically speed up your writing then I suggest you try the otter app today.

The hardest part is copying and pasting into the website.

Otter’s my new goto writing tool I think it’s fantastic.

Automated transcription services alternatives


Rev speech to text

Rev is an online platform that offers automated and human transcription.

Transcription prices are $0.25 per minute for automated and $1.50 per minute for a person to do your transcription.


Temi is a speech recognition software platform that you can upload audio files to and get transcripts from.

Their transcriptions services charge $0.25 per minute.

Take note

Take Note
Take note is a human-based transcription service in the UK with prices starting from £1.09 per minute.


Is Otter the best transcription software?

I’ve tested a number of transcription services, and otter is easily the best transcription software I have used to date with an accuracy of around 98%. It stands head and shoulders above the rest.

What is Otter.ai used for?

Otter transcribes audio to text. You can use it in online meetings via Google meet and Zoom, videos and audio can be uploaded via the website and voice audios can be transcribed via the app.

Is Otter.ai free?

Yes, Otter has a free plan where you get 600 minutes of transcription per month free.

How long does it take for Otter.ai to transcribe?

Transcription is very fast a couple of sentences can be done in a few seconds and much longer audio can be done in a few minutes.

Can Otter be used on PC?

Yes, Otter can be used from your PC. There is a record button in your Otter dashboard plus you can upload videos to the website.

Is Otter accurate overall?

Otter is the most accurate transcription service I’ve used to date with an accuracy of around 98%.