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Introduction – What is Sendfox?

Sendfox is a simple, fast and reliable way to send email newsletters, drip campaigns and other automated emails. It’s part of the Appsumo originals range of products.

It’s designed to help you get your message across without any hassle.

With Sendfox, you can create newsletters with ease, and you can be sure that your messages will always reach your subscribers.

SendFox Free Marketing Tools for Content Creators

Summary – Who is Sendfox not for?

Sendfox is not for people who are looking for an email service with a lot of features, the beauty of it is its simplicity.

Sendfox is not for people who are looking for a traditional email marketing service.

Summary – Who is Sendfox for?

Sendfox is an email marketing service that helps businesses of all sizes manage their customer communications. It offers a suite of tools to help businesses automate and personalize their email marketing campaigns.

Sendfox is a great solution for businesses that want to improve their customer engagement and boost their sales.

Sendfox is suitable for people who need to send large numbers of emails on a regular basis, such as businesses or organizations.

The pros and cons of Sendfox

The cons

Sendfox is a no-frills service so it’s not as flashy as most email service providers out there, they don’t pretend to be. So there is no drag-and-drop designers and no fancy emails.

You also can’t set the confirmation email to be anything other than your main account email.

The pros

  • Simple to use
  • It’s cheap
  • Lifetime deal
  • Smart campaigns (pulls info from the RSS feed on your website)
  • Integrates with many other services (Sumo.com, KingSumo, Zapier, API, and POST HTML code)
  • Landing page builder
  • Form builder
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Scheduled email campaigns at any time of the day
  • Unlimited triggered automations (with unlimited emails per automation)
  • Custom landing pages
  • Custom forms (including GDPR)
  • Lists and tagging to keep your contacts separated
  • WYSIWYG email editor to make writing emails easy
  • Advanced analytics to track opens, clicks, and more
  • CRM functionality to write notes on each subscriber
  • Manage unlimited brands from one account
  • Translation ability


Sendfox is being offered on a lifetime license with very affordable pricing at the moment.

5,000 subscribers is $49

10,000 subscribers is $98

15,000 subscribers is $147

20,000 subscribers is $196

25,000 subscribers is $245


SendFox pricing

My experience with Sendfox

I have been using Sendfox since 2020 because of the lifetime license to use the software and because it uses SendGrid to send emails so you can be pretty sure that your emails will land in people’s inboxes without a problem.

Sendfox really is a simple solution to an ever increasingly complex marketplace.

So many email service providers have taken the route of adding more and more features which is great for shareholders as they can charge more but not for the user of the platforms.

Appsumo saw a gap in the market and created SendFox to fill it and fill that gap it does.

Email editor

Unlike most email marketing services Sendfox has a very simple editor which allows you to insert images, links, write and format text.

If you have used any WYSIWYG editor then you will be able to use the editor in Sendfox.

SendFox Emails Edit

The automations editor

Sendfox is all about simplicity so the automation editor is the same. It’s as easy to use as the rest of Sendfox is.

You can get the hang of email sequences in no time with the automations in Sendfox.

SendFox Automations Edit

The automation editor is shown in the image above.

As you can see in the image above the automations are really simple to use. If you want something to happen after this email is interacted with then you click the tag and if you want to just create the next email by clicking on the email icon.

SendFox Automations Edit 2

Tagging is shown in the image above.

Tagging and making things happen is also easy just select the trigger and choose the list to move them to.


Would I recommend Sendfox?


If you are looking for a simple way to manage your email marketing then Sendfox is probably the right choice for you.

With so many platforms in this market throwing in everything including the kitchen sink to try and battle it out with the competition Sendfox is a real breath of fresh air.

Its simple approach makes it easy to set up newsletters and the smart campaigns (where your latest content is taken from your RSS feed) make it easy to keep your message front and centre in the minds of your prospects.

Most email service providers have moved into the all in one marketing platform category which is not always a good thing.

The complexity of some of these platforms leaves you scratching your head with total confusion trying to figure out what to do next but with Sendfox you get what you need from a platform that has definitely filled a gap in the market.

Simplicity means you won’t get overwhelmed and have a much higher chance of actually taking action and setting up your campaigns and getting your message out there.

Is it for everyone? No there are people out there who will want all the bells and whistles like behavioural targeting and split testing but…

As they say “imperfect action is better than no action at all”

There are many very successful marketers out there who don’t use complex systems to get their message out into the world.

With Sendfox you get what you need in a neat simple package at an affordable price.

You really don’t need anything else.



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