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Introduction – What is Typeform?

Typeform is another form for every occasion software platform. Founded in 2012 the Typeform service has become a go-to software platform for businesses that want to create forms, surveys and quizzes to collect and collate data.

They have a form for everything and hundreds of templates and integrations to other software applications so you know your surveys will look good and you will be able to do stuff with your data later.

Typeform People-Friendly Forms and Surveys

Summary – Who is Typeform not for?

Typeform is not best for you if you want to retain full control of your data as it’s an online software platform that stores the collected data from forms and surveys on its servers.

Summary – Who is Typeform for?

Typeform is for anyone who wants to create forms and collect responses on an online platform. If you want to build forms, quizzes or surveys then Typeform is probably for you.

The Typeform software is for building forms and storing the data you collect from those forms.

The pros and cons of Typeform

The cons

The free plan has a ridiculously low at 10 responses per month.

The pros


  • New Typeform community (Jan 2021)
  • Google fonts integration (April 2019)
  • Scheduling feature (April 2019)
  • New phone number question for forms (April 2019)
  • Airtable integration (April 2019)
  • New-look reports (April 2019)
  • Typeform Connect (Sept 2018)
  • Typeform-Intercom integration (Sept 2018)
  • Google Tag Manager and Facebook pixel integration (Sept 2018)
  • Typeform Power-Up for Trello (Aug 2018)
  • Integration with HubSpot (May 2018)
  • GDPR ready (May 2018)
  • Google Sheets integration (March 2018)
  • Unsplash integration to add images to your forms (March 2018)


Typeform is actually reasonably priced once you get past the Basic tier.

The basic plan is £25 per month and you get 100 responses a month.

The plus plan is £49 per month and you get 1000 responses a month.

The business plan is £79 per month and you get 10000 responses per month.

If you pay annually then you save 16% on any plan.

Plans Pricing Typeform

My experience with Typeform

I signed up for Typeform to see what it was all about and compare it to other similar platforms I’ve tried over the years (some of which I’ve written reviews on).

So Typeform has a nice little onboarding form that you run through it sort of gives you an idea of what the software can do.

But it dumps you right in the form builder and leaves you a bit disorientated as to what’s going on.

It takes a few minutes to figure out how to edit your form if you are used to using other software platforms of this type but once it clicks, it’s nice.

Typeform is a “what you see is what you get” editor so when you design it in the form builder that’s what you get when you publish your form.

How to build forms with Typeform

Typeform dashboard

The Typeform dashboard is shown in the image above.

Once you click the “create a form” button you get to choose from the hundreds of templates on offer.

Typeform templates

Some of the templates on offer are shown in the image above.

The templates on offer are not your average forms they are very modern designs. Maybe these forms would increase conversions over a bog-standard form but you would have to test and see.

Typeform preview form

The preview template screen is shown in the image above.

Once you have selected the form template that you want to use click the preview button and you will be taken to the preview screen to see if it’s the right template for you or you can select “start from scratch” to start a new form without a template.

For the purposes of this demonstration, I’m going to show you a simple lead generation form built from scratch.

Typeform Create form from scratch

The new form popup is shown in the image above.

The new form popup gives you the option to name your form and choose what type of form you want to create.

As I’m creating a lead generation form I select it from the list.

Typeform Create form from scratch2

The form builder is shown in the image above.

The form builder is nice, well thought out and if you are used to this type of platform quite intuitive.

You select or add your questions from the panel on the left, all aspects of your design are handled by the panel on the right and what your form will look like is right there in the middle.

Typeform question types

The question types pop-up is shown in the image above.

With 29 types of questions including star rating and date fields, you can guarantee you can build any type of form you desire with Typeform.

As I’m only building a simple lead generation form in this example I’ve added an email field and we are ready to publish our form and connect it to our email service provider.

Publish form

After you publish your form you get a pop-up as shown in the image above.

Once we publish our form we get the option to share the link or embed it in the content on our website.  When we’ve done that we need to go to the connect tab.

Connect tab

The connect tab is shown in the image above.

The connect tab allows you to connect your form to other applications that you already use in your business like the most popular email service and marketing automation providers.

Looking for a surveys software Typeform will do it

As I’ve mentioned throughout this article Typeform is not just for forms. If you are looking for a survey software Typeform is definitely an option.

The Typeform software will allow you to build any type of form. Quizzes and surveys are forms too so yes you can build them as well.

There are 29 different form fields in Typeform to choose from including several choice fields like multiple choice, picture choice, yes/no and dropdown.

You can easily add logic to your surveys in the form builder.

Conclusion – Typeform review

Would I recommend Typeform?

Yes and no smile

If you are only looking for a form or survey platform for collecting very little data (under 100 responses a month then I would choose the free plan from Jotform as it will stay free whereas Typeform could end up costing you a monthly fee).

If you are looking for a form and survey platform with a reasonable price and you are looking to do 100 responses and over then yeah Typeform could be the solution you are looking for.

The modern form templates and what you see is what you get form builder should inject a bit of a wow factor to your forms and get higher response rates than a simple form.

All in all, Typeform is a great platform.

It’s not hard to see why they have become one of the dominant form and survey building solutions in this space.

Typeform alternative reviews


Jotform is an online form building platform similar to Typeform that can be used to create much more than just surveys.

I’m a big fan of Jotform.

You can create forms, polls and surveys and it’s the most intuitive of the platforms I’ve tried.

Full Jotform review


Wufoo is an easy to use online form builder from SurveyMonkey that will have your forms set up in no time.

It has similar features to Typeform.

Wufoo has similar features to Jotform except for HIPAA compliance.

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