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Introduction – What is Vadoo.tv?

Vadoo.tv is a video hosting platform with a range of advanced features for anyone looking to host videos and share them without ads and the other intrusions you get from free services like Youtube.

As I mentioned it has advanced features but more on this later.

It’s very fast (upload speeds are some of the best I’ve seen) and more than capable of handling large videos.

Vadoo.tv is comparable to services like Vimeo, Wistia, Uscreen, Vidyard, Swarmify, spotlightr and Youtube.


Summary – Who is this video hosting site for?

Vadoo.tv is a very fast and capable service if you are just starting or looking to replace a different video hosting platform like Wistia or Vimeo.

If you are looking to host videos in a secure membership site or learning management system (like I do) then Vadoo.tv is a SAAS platform you should check out.

It has a free tier for those looking to try the service.

The pros and cons of this video hosting platform

The cons of this hosting

  • Analytics could be better.
  • Development has slowed.

The pros of this hosting

video hosting sites improvements

  • Autoplay videos (April 2021).
  • Download video as MP4 (April 2021).
  • Picture in picture mode (April 2021).
  • Intergrately integration (March 2021).
  • CNAME support (March 2021).
  • Video bubble embed (March 2021).
  • HLS Encryption (Feb 2021).
  • Pabbly integration (Feb 2021).
  • Opt-in lead capture (Feb 2021).
  • Speed improvements (January 2021).
  • CTA buttons (January 2021).
  • Project management (January 2021).
  • Password protected videos  (January 2021).


Free video hosting

This web hosting for your videos comes with a free tier allowing you to get started and test the service.

It allows you to try the video hosting feature for free and compare it to other video hosting websites to find out if it’s also the best option for you.

You can upload up to ten videos or audios up to 1 GB of data to see if it’s the best option for your video hosting needs.

Paid video hosting pricing

After you try the free video hosting you have the option to move onto the paid plans.

The starter plan gives you unlimited videos and up to 50 GB of video hosting storage. You can’t remove the branding from the video landing pages but you can rebrand the video player on this plan. Price 10$ a month.

The pro plan gives you unlimited videos and up to 100 GB of video hosting storage. Price 29$ a month.

The advanced plan gives you unlimited videos and up to 200 GB of video hosting storage. This plan adds CNAME options to your video hosting. Price 39$ a month.

My experience with this video website – Vadoo TV review

I really can’t praise it enough. It’s the perfect replacement for other similar more expensive services (which there are many).

I use Vadoo.tv on my own and clients’ websites to host instructional videos for premium courses.

It’s a rock-solid platform that has only improved in time.

There are so many features I only use a few of them but I like the fact you can use it to strip out annoying youtube ads and related videos and brand the player to your website.

If you compare it to a service like Wistia, it will pay for itself very quickly (Wistias pro plan costs $99 per month with 10 free videos included in the price!) With Vadoo.tv you pay for space every month so if you have 150 videos (like I have) I would be paying $134 per month whereas with Vadoo.tv I pay $10 per month.

Anything that saves me that much is going to get my money month after month forever.

The Vadoo.tv dashboard

Vadootv hosting Dashboard

When you log in to Vadoo.tv you are presented with all your projects for easy access.

Vadoo.tv is well laid out and a pleasure to use with access to your account options and plan details set out in the navigation bar on the left.

When you select the project you are working on the options in the sidebar change to enable you to control and customise everything to do with that project.

It’s a great setup and the team has put a great deal of thought into how to make it easier for their users.

Vadootv hosting Project Dashboard

The Project dashboard is set out very similar to the main dashboard.

The project dashboard allows you to manage your videos and folders. From the options in the navigation bar you can customise your channel, the player and add team members should you need to.

The Vadoo.tv video player customisation

Vadootv hosting video player customisation

Video player customisation project-wide

Vadoo.tv allows you to set global options for the player and security of your videos project-wide.

Vadootv customise video

Individual video settings can be customised on each video.

Vadoo.tv comes with all the options you could need to brand the player to your website and advanced options you probably won’t see on most services out there as you can see in the image above.

Your video and embed codes

Vadootv video

When your video has been uploaded you can preview it.

After you have customised your video can preview what it will look like when you put it on your website and then choose how you want to share it with the world.

Vadootv video embed options

There are many options to display your videos.

Vadoo.tv player comes with a host of different ways you can display the video on your website.

You can choose to share just the link to the video on the Vadoo site, send it in an email, embed it, share it on social networks, add to your website with a chat bubble where visitors can respond with a video and in a popover.

Conclusion – would I recommend this video hosting

I have recommended and continue to recommend this great video hosting after months of using it I would give it a five-star rating. I hope you found this a full review missing nothing and useful in your comparison against another video hosting. Try the free option I think you will find it hard not to like Vadoo.

If you are looking for video hosting so your videos are not littered with other people’s ads then Vadoo tv is for you.

It’s fast, secure and the customizable video player lets you match the branding of your site with ease.

As I’m using the videos in private learning portals created with Thrive Apprentice or Thrivecart I have not tried it with any super HD or 4k video formats, I upload my videos in 1280 x 780 pixels and the videos work fantastic.

It saves me a lot of money month in month out so yeah I recommend you try it today.


What is Vadoo.tv used for?

Vadoo.tv is used for hosting videos securely and then embedding them on other sites.

Why does Vadoo.tv cost money?

Vadoo.tv is a premium video hosting service! It has a different business model than free hosting services like YouTube which are paid for through ad revenue.

Can I use Vadoo.tv for free?

Yes Vadoo.tv has a free tier where you can host 10 videos and store up to 1GB.