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Introduction – What is Divi Timer Pro?

Divi timer pro is a new countdown timer for the Divi theme from Elegant Themes.

It allows you to add scarcity and FOMO to your Divi website increasing sales and driving conversions.

The new countdown timer module can be inserted into your Divi website through the visual builder just like any other Divi modules and then made to match your Divi theme styles from the module’s settings. It being a Divi plugin means it can be used on a WooCommerce product page too.

Divi Timer Pro Countdown Timer Module Plugin screenshot

Summary – Who is this Divi timers module for?

The product is for anyone wanting to add scarcity marketing to their Divi website without having to use a tool you are not familiar with.

If you use the Divi Theme from Elegant themes and you want to run timed campaigns like product launches then this is probably your only option.

The pros and cons of this pro countdown timers for Divi plugin

The Cons

  • Can only be used with the Divi theme from Elegant themes.

The Pros

  • Three types of timers (Evergreen countdown timer, Auto-Restart (Recurring) countdown timer and Standard fixed countdown timer)
  • Hide Or Show Elements on your page
  • Multiple Expiry Actions
  • Pause Interval
  • Customizations
  • Custom Timer Duration
  • Custom Cookie Duration
  • Works with Divi child themes
  • Can be styled in the page builder Divi
  • Nelson’s support

This timer pro plugin improvements

After its initial release this Divi plugin has seen these improvements:

  • Standard Timer (February 2021)
  • Expiry Actions (February 2021)
  • Recurrences 2.0 (February 2021)
  • Pause Intervals 2.0 (February 2021)
  • Cookie Duration 2.0 (February 2021)
  • Show Other Content 2.0 (February 2021)
  • Hide Other Content 2.0 (February 2021)
  • Design & Customization 2.0 (February 2021)


This pro timer plugin for Divi comes with three pricing tiers:

The annual unlimited plan is $20 per year.

The single site lifetime plan is $59.

The unlimited site lifetime plan is $99.

It’s well worth purchasing the top tier as you never know when things will go up in price and it’s well worth the money to add this functionality to your Divi based sites.

My experience with this timer for the Divi theme builder

I think it’s great that this pro timer plugin for Divi has the option of a lifetime license, it’s very rare nowadays as small studios scramble for subscription-based revenue instead of letting you keep the plugin for life.

I have used this Divi plugin on two low traffic websites I own and saw an increase in conversions of up to 5%

I used the evergreen countdown timers this Divi plugin provides for a client’s launch and it was great it worked as advertised and worked well.

The client couldn’t get their head around the reason for using scarcity and even had me remove it altogether when one of his visitors said they couldn’t access the offer anymore!

The experiment worked and I got the data I needed before the Divi timer was pulled.

It dramatically increased conversions while it was on the Divi page (12% – 45%) and when the timer was pulled from the offer it converted at next to nothing (talking less than 1%).

Although it is nowhere near a fair test as the 45% conversion was after an email campaign to a small list of previous customers.

So yes in my eyes the test was a success (I have reasonable expectations) but in my client’s eyes, it was not a successful campaign (it didn’t make him a millionaire overnight) even though the revenue for his website was 15x for that month!

So that’s why I have no hesitation in recommending this Divi plugin.

Divi TP in action

Divi timer pro timer in action

The image above shows a pro timer for Divi in action on my website.

I use this Divi pro plugin to offer a discount on one of my rapid website build services where I build websites using the layouts that come with the Divi theme by using the show and hide functionality of timer pro I have two sections on the page.

One section shows if the pro timer is active and offers a 30% discount to the visitor with a link to Thrivecart that automatically applies a special coupon.

The other section shows no discount and doesn’t apply the coupon.

You can see the two sections below only one (the discount) is shown when the pro timer for Divi is active.

Divi timer pro show and hide

Divi TP usage

Divi timer pro waiting for settings

The module for Divi theme is inserted into a page the same way as any other Divi module, once it’s inserted into the Divi page it will be a blue block with “waiting for Countdown Start”

This just means it’s waiting for you to configure it in the settings.

The two tabs you need in Divi are the content tab (the settings of the timer) and the Design tab (the look of the timer on your page or WooCommerce product page).

The content tab will give you all the settings you need to set up the timer with the starting time, redirects or show and hide items on your page.

Divi Timer pro content

Divi TP Problems with caching

When setting up and testing your timer on a Divi page you might find the show and hide function doesn’t work, don’t panic it’s an issue with your caching plugin or the way your host is caching your Divi website.

This is all covered in the help documentation of the plugin with some simple fixes that should only take you a few minutes to sort out.

Conclusion – Is Divi TP worth it?

I just have to say that Nelson’s support is awesome I reached out to him a couple of times and received a response within a few hours.

Just for Nelson’s support, this product should receive the best rating.

The guys over at Pee-Aye Creative are very smart in that they saw a range of features that were missing from Divi’s timer module and added them.

It’s a Divi module upgrade you will wonder how you ever did without.

Very smart move and I hope it pays for them as I plan to use this in the future on a couple of projects.

If you use the Divi theme and you’re looking to emulate the pros with product launches and automated scarcity then this product will add much-needed features to the Divi builder countdown timer.

I haven’t tested the product on Divi child themes but I’d wager if there was a problem with the product support would fix it pretty sharpish.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Timer Pro to anyone looking to add scarcity to their WordPress page or WooCommerce product page running the Divi builder theme from Elegant themes. You might find other options but for Divi, this will be your best one.


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How does Divi Timer Pro work?

Divi Timer Pro is a scarcity creating tool for the Divi theme from Elegant themes. It allows you to add fear of missing out or scarcity to your marketing.