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Introduction – What is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is an all-in-one list-building solution which allows you to add forms and popups 10 different ways.

It will connect to your email service and help you easily set up landing pages to collect leads.

Well worth the money in my opinion.

Thrive Leads The Next Generation List Building Plugin for WordPress is Here

Summary – Who is Thrive Leads for?

Thrive Leads is for anyone who wants to add forms and popups to their website for collecting leads.

And with the huge amount of integrations to email service providers you will collect the most relevent data to use in your marketing.

The Cons of Thrive Leads

  • It’s only for WordPress

The Pros of Thrive Leads

  • Large number of integrations.
  • Popups
  • Hello bars
  • In-Line forms
  • 2 step opt-ins
  • Slide-In opt-ins
  • Opt-In widget
  • Screen filler overlay
  • Content locker
  • Scroll mat
  • Multiple choice forms

My experience with Thrive Leads

I use Thrive Leads on my own sites and I install it for clients! The clients I have installed it for have been very pleased with it.


If you are looking to boost lead collection on your site then you can’t really go wrong with Thrive Leads.

It gives you plenty of options including ribbons and widgets so no matter the situation you will be able to use Thrive Leads to boost your lead generation.

Thrive Leads Alternative


Bloom is a lead generation plugin from Elegant themes. It allows you to add opt-in forms to your website in various ways.

It has similar features to Thrive Leads.

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