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Introduction – What is Thrive Optimize?

You kow you should always be testing right!

Thrive Optimize is an add-on for Thrive Architect that allows you to A/B test 2 or more pages against each other.

Those pages could be wildly different or little things like an image swap or a headline to see which converts the best.

Thrive Optimize - The Best A B Testing Plugin for WordPress

Summary – Who is Thrive Optimize for?

This WordPress plugin is for anyone who uses Architect to build their pages and wants to increase their conversions.

The Cons of Thrive Optimize

The Pros of Thrive Optimize

  • Very easy to test landing pages built in Architect
  • No messing about with code

My experience with Thrive Optimize

I must admit I have not tested it like I should have because I use Divi for my landing page builder.

I am looking for a project to test it on so I can do some how to videos.


If you use Thrive Architect to build your pages then you can use the exceptional Thrive Optimize to test your pages against versions of themselves or wildly different pages to see which one converts the best.

Successful companies are known to test thousands of pages at the same time!

The guys over at Thrive Themes have created a very good plugin and if you use Architect then you should be using Optimize.


Divi Theme

Divi WordPress theme

Divi is a landing page builder that has allows you to easily add split testing to your website.