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By Dave Carr @Review.Casa

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Introduction – What is Moosend?

Moosend is an email marketing service provider that allows behavioural emails based on visits to your website.

So if a person visits your contact page 3 times you can send them an email giving them a friendly nudge into making contact or if somebody abandons their cart for instance you can send them a sequence of emails ending in a discount (and if someone buys the sequence stops).

Email Marketing Automation Platform for Thriving Businesses

Summary – Who is Moosend for?

Moosend is for you if you are looking for a reasonably priced email marketing provider.

At roughly half the cost of most email services out there you are guaranteed value for money no matter how large your list is.

I’ve had a couple of people tell me their list was expensive (should be a business asset not a ball and chain if done right).

So if you are looking for an email marketing solution that wont break the bank then Moosend is probably a good fit for you.

Did I mention they have a free tier for upto 1000 subscribers so you can get the hang of serving your visitors before committing to a monthly subscription.

The Cons of Moosend

  • API has some serious limits.
  • The page and form builder are really basic.

The Pros of Moosend

My experience with Moosend

A client who hired me to set up his funnels uses moosend so I was able to test it with Thrivecart.

It’s a good service until you want to try and automate over 100 product and then the API starts wigging out because it’s limited to 40 list pulls!

So if you have 100 lists (1 per product) a software solution like Thrivecart can only use 40 of them because of this limit.

It’s a real let down in my eyes otherwise I would have given Moosend a much higher score as plays nice it got 50%


I would recommend Moosend if you don’t have a lot of products that you are trying to automate the marketing for and want to keep your costs down.

It’s a very economical service at the higher subscriber counts but you do get a very basic form builder and landing page builder.

If you are going to be using more than 40 lists or have more than 40 products then Moosend can really pee on your parade.