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Introduction – What is Thrivecart?

I have been using Thrivecart for the last couple of years. I have used it on my own and clients’ sites so this is my unbiased review – warts and all.

Thrivecart is a SAAS based versatile shopping cart that enables anyone to sell physical and digital products online without needing to be a coding wizard or tech guru like some solutions.

ThriveCart add product popup

ThriveCart’s add a product popup that lets you select between digital products and physical products.

It allows you to create high converting checkout pages, add them to your online store, fully customise and brand them to your business and see the stats that matter to your online store quickly and easily with intelligent business insights.

Thrivecart is very easy to use and enables even a beginner at online marketing to add payment processing to their business making it my number one choice for a shopping cart.

Thrivecart has all the features of some SAAS offerings that come with hefty monthly fees like Samcart and if you’re quick you might be able to grab the lifetime deal that’s been on offer for the last couple of years.

Get the Thrivecart lifetime deal here

ThriveCart - Special offer

The Thrivecart lifetime deal will be ending soon, this is such a unique offer for software of this calibre! Get it now while you can.

Most online shopping carts and learning management systems will charge you transaction fees of up to 10% plus payment gateway fees this isn’t the case with Thrivecart if you grab the lifetime deal you will pay a one-time fee for the software and 0% transaction fees forever.

Summary – Who is Thrivecart not for?

From experience, if you have a lot of products then Thrivecart is probably not for you! (The upsells and downsells need to be configured for each product, there is no global or select all process for assigning them to multiple products), I found this out the hard way.

Summary – Who is Thrivecart for?

Thrivecart is the shopping cart software I use to create funnels and it does an extremely good job of it.

So if you are a non-techy user looking to get your products and services out there into the world in one of the areas below then Thrivecart is probably the best solution for you. The ease of this eCommerce shopping cart software will surprise you though.

  • You are a small business owner.
  • You sell or plan to sell physical or digital products (e-books, software, online courses) via eCommerce.
  • You sell or plan to sell recurring subscription products (memberships, consulting, newsletters, etc. )

The Thrivecart eCommerce shopping cart is perfect for you if you want to sell several similar or related products in a funnel with order bumps, 1 click upsells (do you want large fries with that) and down sells (OK how about just medium fries instead)

If you compare it to the shopping carts Thrivecart is competing with like Samcart the features you get when you purchase Thrivecart pro with Learn+ are pretty similar to their $199 a month offering (this Samcart subscription tier offers affiliate software, dunning and cart abandonment features). But I will do an in-depth comparison later in this article.

So if you replaced Samcart with Thrivecart it would break even at around the 5-month mark so it would pay for itself after six months.

So I guess Thrivecart is perfect for anyone who uses a different shopping cart and wants to cut out a subscription to a service or is looking to sell online without the hefty monthly fees of competing software solutions.

Thrivecart pros and cons – Thrivecart features

The cons of this shopping cart software

  • The drag and drop visual editor could use some improvement (it’s on the roadmap for improvement).
  • Can only have 1 integration of each type (if you and a client use the same email service provider YOU ARE HOSED)(it’s on the roadmap for improvement)
  • Also if you use Drip as your email service provider each website is seen as an account so if you have more than 1 “account” YOU ARE HOSED (it’s on the roadmap for improvement)
  • Not best if you have a lot of products in your online store.
  • You can’t filter your stats by the product owner.
  • It’s not really a shopping cart it has limited shopping cart features (your visitors can’t add a product and continue shopping) it’s more of a top funnel shopping cart system.

The pros of this shopping cart software

A top online commerce platform with constant features improvements

As you would expect from a new platform of this type the developers are constantly improving the product. Improvements of note:

  • Bulk affiliate commission payouts (March 2022)
  • New Learn+ sequences (January 2022)
  • Customisable student dashboard (January 2022)
  • Customisable login and registration pages (January 2022)
  • New templates for Learn (December 2021)
  • Custom domains for Learn+ (October 2021)
  • Learn and Learn+ released (October 2021)
  • Encharge integration (June 2021)
  • Advanced fraud detection and bot detection (June 2021)
  • More control for assistants (June 2021)
  • Improved filtering for affiliates (June 2021)
  • API affiliate management (May 2021)
  • Facebook conversion API (April 2021)
  • Custom trial periods (April 2021)
  • Automatic and manual dashboard images (April 2021)

Thrivecart pricing

So what are the pricing plans Thrivecart is offering?

Thrivecart is being offered on a lifetime deal right now so you get the opportunity to get this software that other people charge $199 a month for a fraction of the cost.

Current pricing is:

$495 for Thrivecart standard

$195 for Thrivecart Pro upgrade

$195 for Learn+ upgrade

The Thrivecart lifetime deal will be ending soon, this is such a unique offer for software of this calibre! Get it now while you can.

ThriveCart Pricing

My experience with Thrivecart – An actual Thrivecart review

If you have messed about with the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin you will know how developers like to give you every option under the sun just because 1 person asked for it at some point. It’s such a nice clean simple shopping cart experience that Thrivecart has. The settings are tucked away out of sight and when you log in you are presented with all the information you need about the recent activity of your store.
ThriveCart business insights dashboard

The Thrivecart business insights dashboard gives you all the most important information about your business in 1 place so you can see the health of your business. You can click on any of the boxes below the graph to “drill down” and see exactly what’s going on.

I got Thrivecart Pro and Learn+ for a one-time fee and it just keeps getting better, it’s the best shopping cart software I have used to date.

I have used it on my sites and clients (I bought the pro account which allows you to use it on up to 5 clients) sites for well over a year before I even considered writing this article.

And obviously, I couldn’t test all the integrations and stuff but what I did test worked well (barring the issue with sub-accounts for email service providers which are being worked on), they have what can only be described as deep integrations that are set up with just a few clicks so you don’t need to be techy to get it connected.

Recently they added Learn and Learn+ to their offering making it a formidable bit of software. Easily able to handle any of your eCommerce and course delivery all within 1 software.

Is it best for you to sell digital products?

Thrivecart is a great tool to sell products. selling courses is especially easy because Thrivecart comes with Learn which is the learning management system that you get when you purchase Thrivecart.

It can replace many other products you might be paying high monthly subscriptions for.

Thrivecart’s pages – the checkout review

ThriveCart cart types

Thrivecart’s 4 shopping cart checkout types give you the freedom you need to test your options to find the right checkout for you.

Thrivecart allows you to sell products via four types of shopping cart checkout pages:

  • Standard checkout page
  • sales checkout page
  • embedded checkout page
  • popup checkout page

Thrivecart’s shopping cart checkout pages make it an effective funnel cart software for your online business.

Thrivecart’s pages have been tested and modified since it was released, Their website says they have been through 400+ tests so you are guaranteed a high converting checkout page.

ThriveCart standard cart

The standard Thrivecart checkout page.

I use this shopping cart checkout on most of my websites, I just feel it’s right for me. I find it very easy to set up and brand to match my website. It’s a very effective shopping cart solution and it’s very easy to use which makes it my number one choice. If you’re reading this page then it’s probably right for you.

ThriveCart sales cart

The sales checkout pages

I must admit I haven’t used this type of checkout as much as I should have as I mostly use the standard shopping cart.

ThriveCart embeddable cart

The embeddable checkout.

I had the embeddable cart on a webpage and the conversion stats dropped dramatically as it uses the visits to the page obviously. So I don’t use this type of page now so I get better more accurate stats from google analytics.

ThriveCart popup cart

The popup checkout page.

This is something you should try to increase your shopping cart conversions. It’s pretty counter-intuitive with all we see on the internet that putting your shopping cart in a popup would increase conversions but it can.

Thrivecart’s simplicity allows you to swap out checkout pages easily which means you can do more testing to find out what works for you and your industry.

I highly recommend the shopping cart platform to make it easier for you to do more testing.

What’s included with Thrivecart Pro

ThriveCart affiliate software

Thrivecart’s powerful affiliate and JV dashboard where you can see all your stats and manage JV and affiliate partners.

Thrivecart Pro adds some powerful extra (essential in my opinion) functionality to the Thrivecart system, number one has to be the affiliate software.

And for $195 it’s probably cheaper than most affiliate software out there today and more powerful making it number one in my book.

So when you get Thrivecart Pro you add:

  • Affiliate software that allows you to set up an affiliate page so your affiliate can sign up as an affiliate, connect their PayPal and have their commissions put straight in their PayPal account so you don’t have to mess about paying them later (This instant pay feature is worth a sumo wrestlers weight in gold in my opinion). Thrivecart’s affiliate system is my number one choice. Thrivecart pro is worth it just for this.
  • JV contract & revenue sharing is like the affiliate system but on another level! It allows you to share revenue with partners after the affiliates get paid and Thrivecart Pro deals with it all. Coupled with the instant pay functionality this is another feature that’s worth ten times the asking price.
  • Multi-user allows you to have up to 5 accounts for your team members and set permissions for them.
  • Built-in sale tax calculation & reporting is essential for keeping your books in order once your business get’s beyond a certain level.
  • Built-in dunning & subscription saver functionality to save you lost revenue.
  • Custom domain functionality so you can remove Thrivecart branding if you choose to.

What’s included with Thrivecart’s Learn

ThriveCart Learn dashboard

Thrivecart Learn dashboard is a simple way to manage every aspect of your courses and students.

Thrivecart Learn is a powerful learning management system with project and course management.

You can create any number of projects and courses. You can easily clone courses and/or move them between projects for easy organisation.

You have complete control of how you release your content to your students allowing you to instantly deliver your whole course once a student has paid or drip your course in any number of ways (Releasing modules/lessons every day, week, month, or a year after their purchase if you wish and there are many more options but I won’t bore you with the details).

ThriveCart change course layout

Choose between three different layouts for your courses.

It’s so simple to use I dare anyone to try it and not become a number one fanboy or girl once you get into it, if you’ve tried using other LMS platforms and software then the simplicity and power of Learn will feel like a breath of fresh air to you.

Josh and the gang have gone out of their way to create a superb product making it my number one choice for shopping cart, learning management and affiliate system.

ThriveCart edit register page

You can use a similar editor as the page builder to edit your registration and login pages.

Branding your course’s login and registration pages is as easy as dragging and dropping a block where you want it.

If you are looking for a powerful learning management system to power your online courses then I suggest you try Thrivecart Learn.

I love it, Trivecart’s my number one choice.

ThriveCart edit student dashboard

Thrivecart’s edit student dashboard page.

In January 2022 the team added the ability to edit your student dashboard making it my number one choice for a learning management system. It’s a powerful system for selling courses and setting up an affiliate page.

What’s included with Thrivecarts Learn+

The Learn+ upgrade adds some nice features to your learning management system:

  • Bundles allow you to package a group of courses together and sell them in one go (you see a lot of online marketers do this when they have built up a collection of online courses, as they create new ones they will release a master or legacy collection of all their old courses and sell them at a discount).
  • Teams – You can add team members to help you in the administration of your students and courses on your behalf.
  • CNAMES so you can have your courses delivered on a subdomain of your website. Making you look like a rockstar tech guru without any complex stuff.
  • Import your students via a .csv file.
  • Advanced sequences and rules (covered below. Well worth the weight of a sumo wrestler in gold).
ThriveCart advanced sequences

The advanced sequences screen couldn’t be easier.

To add advanced sequences you choose between two options (when a rule triggers and what happens):

ThriveCart advanced sequences if student

When you choose when the rule will trigger you are presented with these options.

Rule triggers in Thrivecart+ are great and add so much flexibility to your LMS.

As you can see in the image above they are self-explanatory.

You choose your trigger and then you choose what action you want to happen when that trigger is fired.

So if a student completes a module you give them an award or even a free course.

ThriveCart advanced sequences next

The actions above can be set when a trigger happens.

Learn+ also lets you target your users through your email service provider as well so if your student completes module 1 you can add them to a list.

Conclusion – Is it the best shopping cart?

Thrivecart’s an amazing piece of software. Thrivecart’s my number one choice for shopping cart software for checkout pages.

So if you are looking to sell people via the process of funnels and have closely related products that you can sell as upsells and down sells then Thrivecart’s a very capable contender and should be the one shopping cart you check out first.

It will allow you to get a funnel checkout page set up and profitable with no super techy geeky stuff.

And the one time fee makes it super affordable when compared to the expensive monthly fees in this class of SAAS.



So in review Thrivecart is right for you if you have closely related products you want to create funnels with or you’ve heard of funnel marketing and want to try it but don’t like the price of most platforms out there.

Thrivecart’s also your number one choice if you are using another service that charges you high fees and you want a more economical solution.

Thrivecart’s my go to number one recommendation to anyone looking for a shopping cart, learning management system or affiliate system.

In my opinion, it blows everything else out of the water and is under constant improvement.

But hurry the one time payment option will disappear soon and be replaced by monthly fees and you won’t see any other deal like this out there that combines shopping cart software, LMS and affiliate system in such an easy to use platform.

Thrivecart Alternatives

Systeme io

Systeme io is a SAAS based all in one marketing platform that has many of the features of Thrivecart.

Full Systeme io review


Clickfunnels is a funnel building solution that comes with many similar features when compared with Clickfunnels like membership sites and eCommerce.

Full Clickfunnels review


Samcart has a very similar feature set when compared to Thrivecart including a learning management system, eCommerce and affiliate management system.

Full Samcart review


What is ThriveCart used for?

Thrivecart is an eCommerce platform that enables anyone to sell physical and digital products online without needing to be a coding wizard or tech guru like some solutions.

What does ThriveCart cost?

Current Thrivecart pricing is:

$495 for Thrivecart standard.

$195 for Thrivecart Pro upgrade.

$195 for Learn+ upgrade.

Can I use ThriveCart on multiple websites?

Yes in Thrivecart you create products, you can then insert a link into any webpage so when someone clicks on it they are then taken to your cart and buy your products.

Does ThriveCart take a percentage of sales?

At present no Thrivecart does not take transaction fees or a percentage of sales.

Is ThriveCart a payment processor?

No Thrivecart is an eCommerce platform that integrates with payment providers (PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net) and then allows you to sell products.

Do I need a website for ThriveCart?

No Thrivecart is an eCommerce platform that allows you to create landing pages on its platform. You can also use the links that Thrivecart generates to sell anywhere.

Does ThriveCart work with SquareSpace?

Yes, Thrivecart gives you links that you can use anywhere to sell your products.

What is ThriveCart pro?

Thrivecart Pro adds some powerful extra (essential in my opinion) functionality to the Thrivecart system. They include an affiliate system, dunning, use on clients sites to name a few.

Does ThriveCart host courses?

Yes Thrivecart comes with Learn which is a full learning management system (LMS) for unlimited courses and students. It doesn’t however include video hosting.

How do I use ThriveCart in WordPress?

Yes, Thrivecart can work anywhere. Once a product is set up you can use the link generated and insert it into any page anywhere.