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Introduction – What is TidyCal?

Booking solution TidyCal is a SAAS based calendar booking app that allows you to embed a booking page widget or send someone a link to schedule their appointments.

TidyCal is an Appsumo Originals product and it’s still early days for this appointment booking service.

It clearly states on the website it is an “MVP” which means it’s a minimum viable product.

Like other Appsumo originals products TidyCal does a certain thing well so in this case, it allows people to book appointments with you, that’s it!

Just book appointments and a few small features that aid it in its mission to allow your visitors to schedule appointments.

You can have free appointments or you can link your PayPal or stripe and take payments during the booking process too.

It is a simple and elegant solution.


Summary – Who is TidyCal not for?

If you are looking for the same feature set as some of the subscription-based booking appointment apps like Calendly or Acuity scheduling then you will be left wanting.

It’s just not that advanced yet but it will get there we just don’t know how long that will take.

Summary – Who is TidyCal for?

TidyCal is for anyone wanting to replace a service like Calendly or Acuity scheduling and save themselves a bit of cash.

With its small one time fee, it can save you money in your first month of using the software.

TidyCal booking solution pros and cons

The Cons

  • None it’s freaking awesome

The Pros

  • Book appointments
  • eCommerce
  • Integrations with other software (iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Zoom, PayPal, Stripe, Zapier).
  • Embed TidyCal on your website.

Appointment scheduling software Improvements

  • Updates to German and Dutch translations (March 2022).
  • Rich text editing on booking description (March 2022).
  • Ability to set so many new thresholds (Febuary 2022).
  • Additional translations (Febuary 2022).
  • iCal integration (Febuary 2022).
  • Big improvements to Google Calendar and Office 365 calendar integrations (Febuary 2022).
  • Zoom and Microsoft Office 365 integrations (April 2021).
  • Bookings with Zoom integrated will auto-create secure one-time meetings URLs (April 2021).
  • real-time sync using webhooks (April 2021)

Great pricing

You can grab TidyCal for the sweet life time deal of $29 over on Appsumo.

My experience with this calendar booking system

I’ve bought TidyCal twice!

It’s cheap and makes scheduling meetings easy plus you can embed it on your website so people can make a booking without visiting another website.

I like the Appsumo originals products I find them a refreshing breath of fresh air amongst a sea of expensive SAAS services.

I would rather buy life time product like TidyCal than pay a monthly fee for a similar product.

TidyCal integrations

TidyCal integrations

The tidyCal integrations page is simple to use.

The TidyCal integrations are where you connect other services to the appointment scheduling platform.

I have it connected to my google calendar and zoom so it will write my meetings to my calendar and it will generate secure links for a 1 to 1 meeting on zoom.

The best bit is that if the client changes an appointment it will all be updated automatically so your meetings don’t clash with your calendar.

Booking types page

TidyCal booking types

The TidyCal booking types page show you your booking types.

From TidyCal’s booking types page you can see and edit all your settings for your booking types (the services you are taking bookings for).

You can also get the code to embed a calendar on your website so your visitors can book meetings on site.

Create new booking type

TidyCal create new booking type

As you can see from the create bookings type page the options are clearly described and self-explanatory.

TidyCal lets you set dates and times when you will accept meetings, you can even add extra times between meetings so you can factor in your breaks.

You can set questions to ask your future client and redirect them to specific pages after the booking is made.

Bookings page

TidyCal bookings page

The TidyCal bookings page lets you see all your bookings in one place no need to juggle all sorts of apps and spreadsheets.

You gotta love the simplicity of TidyCal it saves a lot of time, if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment then you just go to the bookings page and click a button.

It’s a fantastic tool that makes my life so much easier (I use it to book interviews on mobile in another project and for schedule meetings in my web design business)

Reschedule booking

TidyCal reshedule booking

One of the best features of TidyCal is the deep integration with zoom it makes resheduling appointments a breeze.

If you or your client needs to reschedule an appointment it’s all taken care of through the platform and your new secure Zoom link is generated and sent to them.

Conclusion – TidyCal review

Would I recommend TidyCal?

The answer is yes I highly recommend it and have got previous web design clients to buy it so I can embed booking calendars into their websites.

It’s a great tool and I and my clients have loved the simplicity and elegance of the product.

In a world where most SAAS based services keep adding more and more unnecessary features and bloat so they charge higher prices, TidyCal is a breath of fresh air.

If you’re looking for a cheap and simple solution for your users to schedule appointments then TidyCal is a solution you must consider!

With solutions like Calendly and Acuity scheduling costing up to $45 a month, you can see how a small one-time fee product like TidyCal can save you money in no time at all.

The fact that TidyCal has a limited set of features makes it so easy to use too.


What is TidyCal?

TidyCal is a SAAS based appointment booking app that allows you to embed a calendar or send someone a link to schedule their appointments.

Does TidyCal send reminders?

TidyCal can integrate with Zoom which will send reminders of appointments on your behalf.