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Introduction – What is Divi contact form helper?

The form builder plugin for Divi is the missing link for the Divi contact forms. It fixes the problems you get when you use the contact form included with Divi and adds a whole host of features to the contact forms that are in my opinion essential.

If you want your contact form to use features like SMTP to avoid any spam folders, email templates, date and time pickers, save entries to the database and export to a spreadsheet then this is the plugin for you.

Divi Contact Form Helper screenshot

Summary – Who is this Divi plugin for the contact form for?

Helper is for anyone who uses the Divi from Elegant themes. It adds features directly to the Divi contact form module so you don’t have to swap anything out you just need to configure a few extra settings to get a reliable contact form for your Divi based sites.

If you do a search on the Divi communities on Facebook you will see that there are always issues popping up with the contact form in Divi. This solves all those issues that people have been having.

The pros and cons of this Divi contact form plugin

The Cons

This is a Divi plugin so can only be used with the Divi Theme or Divi builder plugin.

The Pros

  • Adds file uploads
  • Adds date and time pickers
  • SMTP integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Custom subject line
  • Confirmation and admin emails
  • Stats
  • Reply from the WordPress dashboard
  • Save entries to the database
  • Redirect after submission
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Email templates
  • Convert to post
  • Submit button alignment
  • Fullwidth button
  • Save files to the database and send files
  • Backup database
  • Search
  • Field icons
  • Validation
  • Align checkboxes and radio buttons


Improvements to this Divi theme builder plugin

  • New Input Field To Enter Custom Placeholder Text (March 2022)
  • New Setting To Show Or Hide The Placeholder Text (March 2022)
  • New Input Field Option To Write Custom Label Text Above The Form Fields (March 2022)
  • New Design Settings For The Field Label Text (March 2022)
  • New Input Field Option To Write Custom Descriptions Below The Form Fields (March 2022)
  • New Design Settings For The Field Description Text (March 2022)
  • New Admin Email Address Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) Email Address Fields (March 2022)
  • New Checkbox And Radio Button Inline Or Column Layout Options (March 2022)
  • New Checkbox And Radio Button Column Settings (March 2022)
  • New Referrer URL Message Pattern Merge Tag (March 2022)
  • Support For Message Pattern Merge Tags In The Subject Line (March 2022)
  • New Submit Button Wait for Text To Show While Files Are Uploading (March 2022)
  • New File Type Options For File Upload Fields (March 2022)
  • Moved The Field Icon Settings To The Field Options Toggle (March 2022)
  • Fixed Bugs With HTML Entities Encoded In Confirmation Email (March 2022)
  • Fixed Issue Getting Divi Theme Version If Child Theme Was Active (March 2022)
  • Fixed Issue With Form Submitting Before File Uploads Completed (March 2022)
  • Fixed Bug With Attachments Not Showing In Entries (March 2022)
  • Important! Added “dcfh_” Prefix To All Message Pattern Merge Tags (February 2022)
  • New Custom Date And Time Format Settings (February 2022)
  • New Weeks Start Day Setting (February 2022)
  • New Textarea Message Box Minimum Height Setting (February 2022)
  • New Inline Horizontal Layout Setting For Checkboxes And Radio Buttons (February 2022)
  • New Textarea Validation (February 2022)
  • Fixed Field Icons Support On All Browsers (February 2022)
  • Fixed Placeholder Text On All Browsers (February 2022)
  • Fixed CSV Column Headers Issue When Adding A New Field (February 2022)
  • Fixed Confirmation Email Message Line Breaks (February 2022)
  • Fixed Language Translation Issues (February 2022)
  • Fixed Uploaded File Delete Icon (February 2022)
  • Fixed Multisite Issue Duplicating Settings From Main Site To Network Sites (February 2022)
  • Fixed Bug Scrolled To Top After Attaching File (February 2022)
  • Fixed Bug Time Picker Change (February 2022)

My experience with this Divi form plugin

The form module that comes with Divi is a bit broken and has been for years. This plugin makes it a useful part of your website instead of trying to use something else like Gravity forms or Formidable forms.

It comes with everything that’s missing from the built-in Divi contact form module.

If you have a team that accesses your website, adding to the database and replying from back-end options are essential for your business.

I’ve been using this plugin for a short time, but I immediately started including it on the websites I build for clients! I think it’s that good.

Before I had a lot of trouble with the Divi form module, emails did not turn up or were blank when they did. It was a big issue and I’ve had a few angry calls from clients about it over the years but this plugin solved all that.

The Divi form is broken

The native Divi contact form is missing some key elements that would make it useable for small businesses. Most people end up using a different contact form solution when using the Divi theme because it is lacking the features you need.

This adds extra plugins to the mix which could break at the next update of either Divi or whichever plugin you happen to use.

If you the dedicated contact form plugin for Divi you don’t run the risk of it breaking because Nelson over at Pee aye only deals with Divi. His studio has a whole stable of child themes Divi plugins and Divi courses including Divi timer pro and Divi social sharing buttons.

How to insert a form into your Divi page

To insert a Divi form builder into your page simply add the module “contact form” as you would normally all your form advancements that come with this plugin are included.

As soon as you add the module to your page a form will appear and a new panel will open in Divi showing you the settings of your module and allowing you to add the form fields you need.

Contact form settings panel

From the settings panel, you have full control over every aspect of your form from the design (adding fields and styling them to match the brand of your website) to advanced functionality like the reply from the backend, logs, backups, statistics (measure every contact for click), contact form template and SMTP settings.

If you are used to Divi then you will be able to use the contact form builder without much of a learning curve.

Whether you want a simple contact form or a more advanced form all the options are there with the Divi contact module and this plugin.

Helper just turns it into one of the most powerful form builders available.

Will it work with Divi child themes?

Pee aye creative is a WordPress plugin development team that’s been building dedicated plugins for Divi for years. They are well respected in the Divi community and I have emailed back and forth with Nelson on occasion. He’s a good guy and very knowledgeable about all things Divi.

So although I haven’t used it on Divi child themes I can assure you that Nelson will have followed all the best practices when it comes to development and you shouldn’t have any issues with a Divi child.

Conclusion – is this forms plugin for Divi worth it?

Would I recommend this Divi form plugin?

Yes, I would without hesitation I think it is the missing link between the Divi form module and a fully working form building solution for small businesses.

As I said earlier I include this with every website I build so that my clients have a fully working form solution for their website.

That’s how good I think it is!

It’s essential.