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Introduction – What is Formidable forms?

Formidable forms is a form builder WordPress plugin. It was launched to fill a gap in the market created by Gravity Forms (it was considered extremely expensive back in the day).

It was originally a lifetime license product, which probably allowed it to get an impressive market share.

Formidable Forms - The Most Advanced WordPress Forms Plugin

Summary – Who is Formidable forms for?

If you are looking to do pretty much anything complicated with a form on your WordPress site then Formidable Forms is probably a good fit for you.

That being said do your research as there may be a more suitible plugin for your use case.

No point in using it for eCommerce if you already use something else!

The Cons of Formidable forms

  • Expensive to have all the options

The Pros of Formidable forms

My experience with Formidable forms

I tried Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms about a decade ago.

Pretty gutted that I bought Formidable Forms on a lifetime many years ago and it has since been revoked as I can’t use the forgotten password function.

But hey ho that’s life.

It was a very capable plugin back in the day and from what I can see it’s only got better.


If you are looking to do some complicated things with forms then Formidable forms is probably a good fit for you.

But as I said earlier do your research and see if its the right solution for you.


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