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By Dave Carr @Review.Casa

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Introduction – What is Thrive Comments?

Thrive Comments is a better comments plugin for WordPress that adds a whole load of advanced features to the comments system of your site.

Comments on WordPress are still stuck in the 90s but this plugin will bring you more and better comments on your site.

Thrive Comments - The Superior Comments System for WordPress

Summary – Who is Thrive Comments for?

So you want to create a community around your website but WordPresses comments are really letting you down!

Thrive Comments will help you add a whole slew of advanced features to the comments section of your website.

when you choose the plugin you get features that have been battle tested on the Thrive Themes website where they can get 600 comments on a single blog post.

With that many comments on your blog you know you have some tools to help you out.

The Cons of Thrive Comments

  • It doesn’t play nice with Divi

The Pros of Thrive Comments

  • Conversion Focused Comments
  • Addictive Encouragement
  • Access to Unspoken Opinions
  • Oops-Proof Workflow
  • One-Click Delegation
  • Automatic Resource Links
  • Comment Boosting Design

My experience with Thrive Comments

I have it installed on my Learning Management Systems but don’t really generate enough comments to have thouroughly tested the plugin yet.


I love the idea of more engagement inside my LMS and if you have a blog that you want user generated content to improve your SEO comments could be the key.