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Introduction – What is Extra theme Divi builder variant?

The Extra theme from Elegant themes is a magazine variant of the Divi theme. Elegant themes have added a new category builder with new content modules.

Out of all the magazine themes extra theme is one of the easiest to create a nice looking website with.

Extra is a premium product so there is no theme free version.

With the Divi theme builder being so popular Elegant themes have had a lot of feedback on both Divi and Extra so you are guaranteed that it will work as expected enabling you to have design freedom over your website.

Extra Drag Drop Magazine WordPress Theme Elegant Themes

Summary – Who is Extra not for?

Extra is not for you if you want complete design freedom.

It has a structure built-in for a magazine theme so it doesn’t have the complete freedom you get with the Divi builder theme.

Summary – Who is Extra for?

If you want to create a good looking magazine website then Elegant themes Extra is the WordPress theme for you.

The Extra theme will let you build a website like any other page builder whether you just want to create pages or blog posts.

With lots of additional options Extra theme gives you the power of the Divi builder with the structure you need for a magazine or review site.

The pros and cons of Extra WordPress theme

The cons

Extra theme from Elegant themes is not as flexible as Divi builder tool. The Divi builder gives you complete freedom whereas Extra is more like a traditional WordPress theme. It has more structure and uses widgets.

The pros

  • You get the category builder
  • Post & Page Builder
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • eCommerce Ready
  • Very quick to set up
  • Extra theme comes with 7 different post formats, including Video, Gallery, Map, Quote, Link, Audio and Text
  • Extra theme Category Modules (post feed, tabbed posts, post carousel, post slider, advertisements, standard blog and masonry blog)
  • Header Options
  • Advanced Mega Menus
  • Secondary & Footer Navigation
  • Back to Top, Fixed Navigation & Smooth Scrolling Link
  • Social media integration out of the box
  • Custom review widget
  • Let your readers review and share your posts
  • All the Divi builder modules that come with Divi theme

Extra pricing

Builder Extra theme is included with the Divi Theme from Elegant themes so You get Bloom, Monarch, Divi and the Extra theme.

The pricing for the bundle is $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime license.

My experience with Extra

As you can see this website is built with the Extra theme.

I have been using Divi for a few years and I was looking for a review theme to create this website when I remembered that Divi has a magazine type theme that accompanies it.

So I thought I would try it out and you are seeing the results right now.

Extra theme modules

Posts module

The posts module lets you display your posts in an attractive way.

posts module

Posts carousel module

The posts carousel module lets you display your posts in a lovely little carousel, it pulls your featured images from your posts and makes them look super cool.

Post Carousel module

Featured post slider module

The featured posts slider module uses your featured image from your post as a background and displays your title and other metadata as shown in the image below.

Featured Post Slider module

Masonry blog module

The masonry blog module displays your posts in a modern masonry layout where you can choose which metadata is displayed.

Masonry blog module

Standard blog module

A standard blog posts module where your posts are displayed in a list.

Standard blog module

Tabbed posts module

The tabbed posts module displays posts in a modern attractive layout as shown in the image below.

Tabbed posts module

Advertisements module

The ad module lets you display ads.

Advertisements module

Extra theme ratings and reviews for the perfect review themes

Extra gives you the option of creating a review site and displaying a breakdown on the front end of your website.

You can enable it on your page options.

Review box

The Divi post and page builder tool

With Extra you get the power of the Divi Builder from Elegant themes to use in your posts and pages.

Just use it like you would when using the Divi theme.

insert module

The image above shows the insert module panel.

On any post or page when using the visual builder click the plus icon to bring up the insert a module panel.

insert module 2

Using the search box in the insert module panel is shown above.

When you insert a module into your posts or pages you have loads to choose from so its much easier to use the search box and then select the module you want.

The Divi builder is an extremely versatile tool for visually building your website.

Conclusion – Extra theme review

Would I recommend the extra theme from Elegant themes?

Yes, I would. Without hesitation.

I use Divi builder WordPress theme on nearly all the websites I build. It is the most intuitive WordPress theme I have ever used.

If you think of Extra as an upgrade you won’t be too wrong. It’s a very special WordPress theme.

Extra’s features make building a reviews site or magazine site very easy. After using the Extra theme on this website for a few months I would say if you have a similar project to this one give it a go.

Extra theme alternatives

Divi builder

The Divi theme from Elegant themes is what Extra is based on it gives you full control and the same visual design style as Extra.

Full Divi review