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Introduction – What is Learndash?

Learndash has been around for ages and is an LMS plugin for WordPress that comes with a ton of integrations to link to your existing systems.

In the last few years Learndash had a redesign to make it more user friendly.

If it wasn’t for the issues I encountered (covered later) I would be using Learndash as my goto learning management system.

WordPress LMS Plugin by LearnDash®

Summary – Who is Learndash for?

Learndash will help anyone get a digital course online and help them monetise it.

Learndash is one of the most popular wordpress learning management systems out there so if you are new to WordPress you will be able to find plenty of tutorials to help you out and they have dedicated support.

The Cons of Learndash

  • Doesn’t play nice with Divi.

The Pros of Learndash

My experience with Learndash

I got to have a play with Learndash in 2021 when I took on a hypnotherapist who wanted to get a course online.

Unknown to me at the time was that he had hired someone to do it for him before.

And when I installed Learndash there was a strange redirect on the courses page that made it totally useless. Half a day of trying different things lead me to install a fresh WordPress on a sub domain and set it up as a Learning Portal.

Which went really well (was able to get 2 courses up and online) before there was a strange issue with not being able to edit old courses or save new ones.


Having used Learndash and I would recommend it if you don’t use the Divi theme.

Learndash does come with a free theme but I didn’t have time to learn something new so stuck with Divi. It wasn’t untill after a few months that any issues came up with the plugin.

I think even a beginner could easily use this plugin to get a course online.


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